Julie Andrews: An impact on film


From her emotional role as a grandmother in the iconic “The Princess Diaries” to her humorous role in “Mary Poppins’, Julie Andrews is a skilled and experienced actor. Julia Elizabeth Wells (Julie Andrews) was born on October 1, 1935, to Barbra Ward Wells and Edward Charles Wells in Surrey, England. Andrews’s parents later got a divorce and her mother got remarried Ted Andrews in 1943.

Born into a musical family, her mother was a gifted pianist, and her stepfather was a singer. Her childhood was, as she refers to it “black period” in her life, battling with an aggressive alcoholic stepfather who tried to get in bed with her two times, and not growing up in the best environment. When she started performing with her mother and stepfather she had to perform in unideal conditions and later manage to raise her younger siblings.

Even in these hard times, Julie would attempt to brighten these situations by adding flowers to her somber dressing rooms. Eventually, their careers took off and they were able to better their surroundings after time Andrews’s at the age of twelve performed a solo in “Starling Roof” singing “Je Suis Titania ”. She then went on to broadway to debut in “The Boyfriend” in 1954. As time went on Andrews grew to be more successful in her career and took more iconic acting roles like “My Fair Lady” and “The Sound of Music”. Julie married Tony Walton, a set designer in 1959.

The same year Julie gave birth to her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton. They faced challenges due to the long distances of time spent apart and both of their careers. Unfortunately, the marriage failed and they ended up separating. She later went on to marry Blake Edwards, a writer, and director in 1969. They were together for over 40 years and he stuck by her side when Andrews lost her vocal range. After she made her return, she had to leave the broadway production “Victor/Victoria” because she noticed her voice becoming hoarse, caused by muscular striation on her vocal cords.

She went through multiple surgeries and her voice would later on not be the same. Despite this, she continued to remain in the film industry and continued to grow more successful. Upon their marriage, she gained a step-daughter Jennifer Edwards and a step-son Geoffrey Edwards. They went on to adopt two more daughters Amy Edwards and Joanna Edwards in 1975.

It’s safe to say that Julie Andrews is a respectable, experienced, and talented actor and singer, with her many awards for her outstanding performances and the noble character she is loved and admired by many.