All Aboard the Bullet Train: “Bullet Train” Movie Review


Bullet Train is a Sony production movie that came out to theaters on August 5th, 2022. The film stars many well-known actors like Brad Pitt (Ladybug), Joey King(Prince), Aaron Taylor-Johnson(Tangerine), Bad Bunny(The Wolf), and Sandra Bullock(Maria). The movie explains how Ladybug is an unlucky assassin who is just trying to complete one of his missions without any trouble. However, he meets a roadblock as he finds himself in a sticky situation with many other assassins on the same trip as him. He must fight for his life from the other killers, but the trickiest part is all this occurs while on the fastest train in the world.
Many fans were disappointed with the actor’s portrayal of the characters and wished the movie could have been much better. Many fans complained on social media sites like TikTok and Twitter that these prominent name actors and actresses didn’t display as good of a job as they expected.” The actors were impeccable in other films and shows, but the plots weren’t all that. I thought there could’ve been a little bit more. But overall, it was maybe a 5/10 because of the stories behind the movie.” Jessica Garvey, Sophomore. The film got a 3.7 score rating on google with mostly five stars; however, there were a lot of constructive comments saying how the movie and the plot could have been better. Many fans noted that the film gave off corny vibes and that the acting wasn’t below average.” Many of these actors and actresses are more significant, yet their acting in this movie wasn’t that great. I expected better, especially with these actors and actresses’ reputations.”

Kaylee Dearmas, Junior. Another issue many viewers had was that the movie was complicated to follow, as many plot lines were going on at once. The movie seemed to have too many things going on at once, making it a little messy and complicated for the watchers to keep up with. Another factor that influenced the movie was a lot of violence and gore. The movie is advertised to be an action-type film, but many viewers said there was a bit too much blood and that it was unnecessary. “When I watched the movie, I was glued onto the screen but having a bit of trouble trying to keep up with everything going on. I wouldn’t recommend this movie to someone who can’t handle blood or violence well since this movie was full of it. If you don’t mind watching that type of stuff, I would say it isn’t a bad movie, but I have seen better films.” Mia Rodriguez, Junior.