College Applications: The Decision Awaits


It’s about that time of year when seniors start to stress writing their college essays and applying to their favorite schools. Although fall semester applications aren’t due for most schools until January, November is the time to get a head start and send in those early applications.

You may wonder, “Why should I submit an application now when I have until January?”. Well, there are many benefits, but the one that’s probably the most important is that it increases your chances of getting into that university. The college process is already long and stressful, and if you get a jump start, some of that weight can be taken off your shoulders. If the goal is to get into college, why not do everything possible to secure your spot early on?

Another benefit of applying to early admissions is figuring out your financial situation early on. Unless you’re getting a full-ride athletic/academic scholarship (or your parents can afford to pay four years of tuition), money is something that you’re going to have to worry about. You should be used for scholarships in addition to applying to colleges. Scholarship opportunities are geared to peak the interest of every type of student. If you’re interested in spoken word, there are scholarships where you can submit your best poem. You can find scholarships where you offer stats, highlights, and scores if you’re an athlete. On top of that, there are scholarships for people of color and those who are a part of the LGBQ+ community. Find a scholarship that works for you and apply; it never hurts to try.

Lastly, if you submit your application early, your name gets put at the top of the dorm and roommate list. At many schools, they require first-year students to stay on campus, and while that means that you have to pay for room and board, that also means that you have to have roommates. Yay! You want to ensure that you get the best room and roommate possible, and applying early may help with that. Depending on the University, you can pick the different types of housing → they range from traditional style (communal bathrooms and a roommate) to suit-style living (apartments with one roommate, a kitchen, and your bathroom). No matter which one you pick, you still want to get ahead of everyone else, so you have the best chance of getting what you want.