The Coral Glades Golf Team arrives with new faces


Everyone knows about Glades’ football, basketball, soccer, and lacrosse teams. But not many people know about the amazing golf team. Even though the team is small, the teams small boundaries keep them together, regardless of their strategy on the field!

On the boy’s side, there are 6 players, Justin, Carter, Chase, Ishaan, Noah, and James. Their team is pretty full, however, Coral Glades also has a girl’s team. Even though there are only two girls, they can hold their own. The Coral Glades golf team has had about 6 matches this year. Fortunately, the team, both Boys and Girls, have been able to win each and every game so far. 

Golf is an individual sport that forces you to deal with your own emotions. This means that for the most part, you cannot lean on anybody else. However, when on a team, students tend to have shared emotions of anxiety, anger, fear, and happiness. The shared experience allows the players to come together and help each other get through the tough rounds. The rounds that usually make players want to quit and jump off bridges can be calmed down by having a simple conversation with a coach or a player on the team. 

The Glades golf team is pretty close-knit. The players are close enough to play with each other outside of the set practice times. This makes the game of golf fun not only for the people playing, but also for the people watching. The infamously boring sport is made interesting when you can see that the players are having fun and laughing after making putts. What’s even more impressive is that students on the team can laugh and joke after a bad round. Sometimes, the audience cannot even tell the difference between those good and bad rounds. 

“Yeah, most people do know more about the basketball and football teams. I’m really glad that the golf team can get some degree of recognition” senior David Escobar said. “I’m proud to see any sort of achievement the the team can recieve, both with the girls and boys.

For a team that people know little to nothing about, they can make a big splash if you give them a chance. Golf may not be something you’re interested in but next time you hear about it, try to learn the basics. It might help in conversations or even making friends that can last a lifetime.