ACT and SAT scores for the C/o 2022 drop nationwide


For 5 years, ACT and SAT scores have been declining among many groups of students. SAT and ACT scores have started getting lower even before COVID-19. This trend, demonstrating a decrease in performance has worried the ACT CEO, Janet Godwin. The CEO only puts partial blame on COVID-19, but mainly blames the education system for the test scores getting lower. When the class of 2022 took the ACT, they collectively scored the lowest numbers in any group of students in more than three decades. The Class of 2022 scored 19.8 out of 36 points on the ACT, the average score is around 20.8. To the average person, they weren’t far off. However, in the process of college admissions, every point counts.

Benchmark tests are extremely important when showcasing where kids excel academically. From 2018 to 2022, the percentage of students who passed the benchmark in the English section dropped from 60% to 53%. Students who passed the math benchmark fell from 40% to 31%. Only 22% of the students met the benchmark in all four categories, down from 27% in 2018.

“It’s probably many different reasons as to why scores have been dropping, especially for the ACT” senior Cesar Rengifo stated. “Since many colleges have been going test-optional, students probably don’t care about standardized testing too much. A low score on the first try might also discourage a number of students.”

When it comes to taking these important tests, students must remember that not everyone has access to top-tier education. Depending on where you live and what resources you have access to may determine how well you do on the SAT or ACT. Washington D.C. students had the highest ACT score which was 26.9, California and Massachusetts 26.5, while the lowest scores were recorded in Mississippi: 17.8, and even lower scores were found in Nevada, which were: 17.3.

When it comes to SAT scores dropping, information revealed the difference between the average score had a correlation between different races. Asian students dominated the SAT. The average score for Asian students was 1229, while the average scores for other groups trailed behind. The average for white students was 1098, for Black students it was 926, and for Latinos, it was 964.

If students wish to improve their test scores, they can start studying way before the test is scheduled by familiarizing themselves with the instructions for each test section. By using Khan Academy, students can practice the basic skills they will need to know. They may also purchase an ACT or SAT practice book, and they could even pay for classes for these tests. Educators really encourage the use of free resources, as these can definitely guarantee a good score with enough practice.