Frank Ocean: A man of Wonders


Have you ever wondered why Frank Ocean got his name or how he created his music? Well, there are many cases as to how Frank Ocean got to start in the music industry, let’s begin on this and start at the beginning.

From being superstar Frank Ocean, whose full name is Christopher Breaux, is an American singer and songwriter who specializes in hip-hop, mellow-type music. He first started his journey with a dream to make music, later fulfilling that 

During this time he released his first-ever track titled ‘Nostalgia, Ultra’ in 2011, which became a huge success in his career. His most famous songs on the album include ‘Strawberry Swing’ & ‘Songs for Women’ which have a cool feeling to them. 

Following Nostalgia, Ultra, he then released his next studio album titled ‘Chanel Orange’ on July 10th, 2012. His most famous song on the album is ‘Thinkin Bout You,” which has a nice pop and peppy tone when it comes to the vocals and beat.

One of Frank’s final albums listeners have gotten is “Blond,” released on August 20th, 2016. This album consists of 17 songs (Online Track List) & 12 (Physical TrackList). The whole album itself is a total of 60 minutes and 8 seconds long. Some of the songs on this track (like nights) have a beat switch that can be interpreted as blissful and calming. 

These are many of Frank’s best albums and why they’re the way they are when it comes to capturing the beats, colorful themes, and so on. We recommend giving it a listen because it will surely change your perspective on how you see and view music altogether.