Students share their 2022 Thanksgiving break


Thanksgiving break is a new idea that Broward County has started. Since last year, 2021, students have gotten a whole week off for the holiday of Thanksgiving. 

The main reason for this is that it gives people time to spend Thanksgiving with their families. However, people might use it for a multitude of reasons.

“I use my time to spend time with my family,” sophomore Jessica Garvey said. “When I get the week off, it also gives me more time to catch up on schoolwork and it helps tremendously with all the stress school gives to us.”

Students only have two weeks after Thanksgiving break for the second quarter, or the first semester before going straight into finals week. This is another stressful thing to think about. Students may also use their Thanksgiving break to study for these midterms and finals, depending on the quantity.

In addition, people also travel to see their distant family, which gives them some more time for family.

“I visit my out-of-state family members over the break. If we only had a couple days off for this holiday, I would have no time to spend it with my family and to hang out with them,” junior Jaden Torres stated.” Having this break is nice because I never get to see my family throughout the year besides this and Christmas. I cherish it with my heart.”

There’s always the debate with parents, teachers, and students about even having this break in the first place.

Teachers lose more teaching time for the year since Hurricane Ian had already canceled school for a week, and Hurricane Nicole essentially had the same impact for the week of November 7th, 2022. Losing this much school and still having a week off is upsetting to some, but not all

“I loved having the long breaks because of the fact that we didn’t go to school,” junior Allyssa Millan stated. “I think that even though it set us all back, we cannot do anything else about it, so why not just enjoy them while they last instead of being negative about the situation.”

Despite what anyone thinks, this holiday is one that brings all friends and family together to give thanks for their life. It’s a family-oriented holiday and gives everyone time to execute their favorite interests during the week.