Depletion of Natural Resources Continues to Raise Concern


Planet earth is currently running out of natural resources quickly, which means that things that we use in our everyday lives are gonna have to be cut down. For example, cars run on gas, which is created and extracted from fossil fuels. Paper is another example, that humans use in their everyday lives. To put things in short, if we continue to use fossil fuels how we currently are, who knows what will happen to our earth?

Fossil fuels are a big thing for us however, we are running out of them quickly. Fossil fuels allow us to get from point A to point B quickly, it lets us produce products from large company factories, heats our homes, and provides electricity to us. All of the reasons previously stated are things that we do or see happen every day and without our fossil fuels, none of these which are considerable advancements in our technology’s history would not be possible.

“I feel like us running out of fossil fuels is tragic as I use it every day to get from home to school. In my opinion, the way we can prevent fossil fuels from running out is by using more things that we can recycle like renewable energies,” says Senior Student Jade Mianakian. Without fossil fuels, our earth would be almost impossible to live on due to the harsh environment we have.

Our natural resources are one of the most important things we have on our earth, without our natural resources no one would have a house, phones and anything technology related would have been made, and there would be no food because animals need to eat and without animals, there would be no humans because proteins are one of the macromolecules that are required for a human to survive. “The fact that we are running out of natural resources scares me because what about the future, how are we going to prevent ourselves from running out? We can conserve our resources by cutting down on our everyday use. For example, instead of using a car so much, why not bike or walk?” says Senior Student Vanessa Watson.

To wrap things up, natural resources are a great thing that we have been blessed to have, we should take care of this while it lasts. For example, instead of driving walk, instead of leaving lights on for a long time period try to turn them off or use fluorescent light bulbs as these use less energy. There are many different ways than the ways that were just listed to save energy and use less of our resources that we can use and we should all use these ways as they save our planet.