Police Department of Coral Springs enforces driving Safety measures


The Coral Springs Police Department is taking steps to promote safer roadways and ensure the safety of its citizens with its Teen Safe Driving campaign. The police department is now assigning many traffic units to patrol areas that have had many crashes and speeding recently. 

These traffic units will catch people who are driving aggressively, as well as educate them on how to drive in the safest manner, as well as give them citations without delay. This will last until the end of this year.

“We are working various hours, in marked and unmarked cars, with the task of conducting traffic education and enforcement along the city’s major roadways,” Officer Mckeone stated.

They identified that teen crashes occur at a high rate in the city, compared to the rest of the state, and are providing additional funding for police to expand staffing operations and hours.

“Since the state provides the city funding, taxpayers will pay no extra cost.” Officer Swinson said.  

This all started because of a crash on November 26th, involving a teenage girl who collided with a motorcyclist at Coral Ridge Drive and Holmberg Road. The remarkable acts will teach teens and young adults the consequences of their poor choices while driving.

“Public safety is our number one thing, and we want to do everything we can to promote safe driving and reduce injuries resulting from crashes,” Officer Swinson added. If everything goes right, car crashes will plummet and streets will become more safe for all Coral Springs residents. Many of these residents strive to see better road caution as millions of people each month get into car crashes, where families are ruined by deaths.