Key Club Continues its Hard Work Through Multicultural Committee Meetings


Key Club continues its annual tradition of hosting its Multicultural party for all of its members. In order for the tradition to continue, a Multicultural Committee is formed and weekly meetings are held prior to the day of the party. Progress continues as more meetings are held.

Members who decide to attend the weekly meetings are able to participate in several groups that all specialize in planning and executing multiple ideas brought forth. Some of these categories include decorations, food, games, and many more. Groups like decorations require more people as a spacious area like the cafeteria, where the party is held, requires an abundance of decorations to fill the room. Students who attend these meetings are able to earn a variety of service hours for providing work or donation items. 

“I’ve gone to a few of the meetings before,” senior David Escobar stated. “I’m happy to see that all of the groups give a good work output, and I’m excited to see the final product.”

Another group members can participate in is the banner decoration. A long banner is decorated every year and is held at the entrance of the party. Because the banner has a lot of room, members have free liberty as to what they want to draw and paint. 

Key Club members are also initiated into calling local restaurants to ask whether they would like to donate platters of food for the party. Most of the donations are leftovers from what restaurants were not able to sell. Grocery Stores such as Publix have also donated for many years.

The end-result party does strive to celebrate a variety of cultures from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and more. Students enjoy the novelty of being able to explore these cultures through the games and food they provide. Oftentimes, the officer team is able to provide food from their cultures. 

Ticket prices have ranged a variety of single-digit prices. However, some years, the party takes its profits and puts them forth toward good charities and organizations, such as Relay for Life, which is a community-based fundraising event that campaigns for the American Cancer Society.

Members are going through hard work at every meeting to make the 2023 party a massive success. The event is scheduled to be held towards the end of February. Tickets will start to be on sale a few weeks prior to the party.