Juniors fulfill the College Experience through Seven Campus Tours


At Coral Glades, the school offers designated trips specifically for juniors who want to explore different Florida college campuses. These college tours, with Brace Advisor Meryll Raff, are established for upcoming seniors that are interested in exploring college campuses in Florida. Students have to pay a specific amount of money before the deadline, which then will lead them to be assigned a designated bus.

The trips usually last about 3-5 days in which they might see about 6 or 5 different campuses. This trip also gives the students a good perspective of which university they would like to attend based on their opinion of different aspects such as the area the college may be in, price ranges, and the people. These aspects really change students’ minds about a college they might want to go to.

These college tours usually happen twice throughout the whole school year depending on the decision from Ms. Raff. When the tours are announced, she sends all of the juniors emails in detail about the steps students would have to take to be able to register for the college tours. The Brace Advisor also informs the juniors who are attending these college trips of their bus number along with many other things. These college tours also include food and a hotel in which students are put with other roommates. Students may choose their roommates in some instances. They provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Students may bring money in case they would like to buy additional items or souvenirs from the college campus stores.

“These college trips really help me gather my thoughts on different colleges I am interested in attending to,” junior Maven Lebron said. “They are also a great experience just to take a few days to explore different colleges that I won’t go to, but it is still nice to explore their campuses. This is once in a lifetime experience I get to take as a junior in high school. I recommend to anyone who is a junior to give college trips a chance. It’s a great experience.”

These trips usually take place in the week, meaning that students do have to miss their classes. Luckily, most of these absences will not count against students because they are all excused and most teachers will be informed of the fact that the college trips will be taking place.

Finally, students’ transportation for the college trip is usually in a big bus with accommodations like a bathroom and comfortable seats. This makes their trip to the campus relaxing and enjoyable.