“Journey into the Jungle” excites newcomers to Coral Glades


On Wednesday, January 25th, an event was held for the 8th graders and their parents so that they could learn a little more about their next school, Coral Glades High School, as well as the clubs of the schools, athletics, and the advanced classes of AP and Cambridge. 

The event began with a welcome presentation by the director, Dr. Kaplan, at 6:00 pm, where he informed the parents of the upcoming first-year high school students that he is very excited to have new students. Kaplan also stated that he has great expectations for them and that he feels happy because now the school has many more clubs and activities compared to the previous years.

He feels that it took a little more for freshmen from previous years to prepare for high school because of the pandemic. Events such as these are where parents and students can come in and learn about the different opportunities a school is able to offer. Kaplan stated that if the pandemic was still in full effect, beautiful events such as Journey into the Jungle would not have been possible to host and attend. 

This type of event is very important for middle school students to attend in order to prepare for the next stage of their educational paths. During high school, students must obtain all their credits, attend clubs, and participate in activities to at least have an opportunity in attending a college or postsecondary education.

A variety of clubs and organizations showed up around 6:30 PM to inform eighth graders and parents about their values and mission statements. Some of these include:

FRENCH CLUB: Organized group dedicated to teaching its members about french customs.

NEWSPAPER: Includes positions such as editor-in-chief, photography editor, section editor, graphic design editor, social media manager, staff writer, and copy editor.

KEY CLUB: Gives many service hours and leadership opportunities. The club also has a sense of inclusivity through its large member base. Members also have a chance to earn a graduation cord.

STUDENT LAW ASSOCIATION: An extracurricular club that directly supports the Law Studies program at Coral Glades High School. This club focuses on the interest of its membership in the legal and law enforcement professions.

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: The club hosts a myriad of events, focusing on topics that involve the student body and teach the four pillars of NHS, being Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character.

Many other organizations had spots in the cafeteria at the event. Trifolds were decorated and put up to give students and parents more insight into their organizations. A variety of sports such as track and lacrosse were also there to support the Coral Glades newcomers.

Clubs such as FCCLA and Key Club also gave incentives for people to walk up to their spots by giving small snacks such as muffins and cookies.

Across the various organizations, most had a great time persuading students to join their virtues in the upcoming years. Whether the event was a success or not, it will continue to be hosted by the amazing mind of Dr. Kaplan.