TikTok CEO Confronts the US Congress Amidst Spyware Controversy


The TikTok CEO was found up against Congress this week, as the U.S. wants to nationally ban Tiktok across all devices. Many are not looking forward to this and are hoping that Congress will fail as people in the country tried to ban it during quarantine.

TikTok is a very popular app that is used by millions in the United States, and even more around the world. Congress has decided that they believe that the TikTok CEO, Shou Zi Chew, is trying to take data from users in the United States and give it to Chinese companies.

Congress, with members from each state, sat down with Mr.Chew and asked him questions they had concerning the data that is being taken while users are on the app. Some of these questions include things about the filters, network breaching, and what Mr.Chew was doing with this data. Many users of the app have expressed themselves and what their opinions are on Congress as TikTok has been threatened to be banned in the past.

“I honestly thought the congress session was the funniest thing ever. Seeing congressmen struggle to understand how TikTok and technology work was crazy. Jokes aside though, I hope TikTok isn’t banned as it’s one of the most influential and popular social media platforms right now. A lot of people will be upset if it is banned when the government should be focusing on other matters,” junior Sophia Herrera said.

President Donald Trump attempted to ban TikTok in the United States in 2020 but failed. Many fans rest assured that they could continue to use their favorite app. They believe that the same result will end when Congress and Mr.Chew finish their meeting. Many fans even updated what was going on during the meeting with live footage.

“I believe Trump trying to ban TikTok was a very ridiculous thing to do since it wouldn’t be easy to ban an app that so many people use in the country. Congress trying to do the same thing that Trump tried to feels like history is just going to repeat itself, and I don’t believe that Congress will get to ban TikTok in this country,” junior Joselyn Alban stated.

Many fans may not be pleased that Congress has advanced the bill to ban TikTok and is leaving it up to President Joe Biden to make the final decision on the app’s fate. They disagree with this decision and are doing everything they can to stop Tiktok from being banned. Whether the app gets banned or not, Mr.Chew seemed to convince the users of Tiktok to back his side, as he believes the app should remain active across American devices.