Transitioning from Traditional to Technology

Students across the state of Florida transition from traditional education to online school amidst the COVID 19 outbreak


With COVID-19 epidemic ready to hit its peak in Florida during late April, it is not news to anyone that online learning has taken over students’, and teachers’ lives. Some students are adapting perfectly, while others are lacking the motivation to do their work.

Many students believe that this new system creates room for procrastination, and keeping track of what assignments are due when is trickier when there is no teacher to remind you what and when. It pushes students to become more independent, while simultaneously dropping a lot of weight for them to carry on their shoulders.

“I have adapted to the new ways of online learning, but that does not mean I don’t have concerns about students that aren’t persistent with their work as I am.”

— Maria Illieva, sophomore

Students should be encouraged to keep a tight schedule, but some seem to not care about the repercussions of not doing their work.

Technology plays an instrumental role in this situation, also. Teachers have trouble contacting all of their students, and although this confusion occured recently as people get used to the new system, many are struggling. The use of Microsoft Teams, while a great asset if used properly, is being misused as a place for entertainment and fooling around. Microsoft Teams allows for direct contact with teachers and is controversial among many. Some teachers refuse to use the app because they believe it is an invasion of privacy, while others want students to join their online classes every day. Canvas is another application that is used every day by students and teachers. Teachers are reliant on this platform because most work is turned in through Canvas. This website crashed multiple times already but has seemed to kick back up with no signs of it shutting down again. Confusion seems to be a theme among all people participating in online learning.

I believe there is no order surrounding this online learning and it does not seem like a sustainable solution in the long run. Although there is a lot of negativity surrounding it, there are benefits to the situation as well. People are staying safe and limiting access to the people they would see in school, which is ultimately the major goal. Learners can study at their own pace, and if they are efficient, online learning is better than them finishing all their work and sitting through the rest of their classes. Students can be proactive. Students can tackle more than one subject in an hour. The online setup also makes it easier for teachers to keep track of their student’s assignments. Online submissions make it impossible for a paper to be lost.

Although the subject of online learning is controversial, it seems to be our only option at the moment.