The Absence of Sports

Students wait anxiously for notification of school sports starting back up for the fall term

As the school year of 2020/2021 begins, fall sports quickly approach. However, COVID-19 restricts and limits many ways of executing school activities. As implementations of social distancing are put in place, many are questioning when things will return to normal, and sports are no exception.

“I don’t really know what to expect. This was supposed to be a big season for us,” Coach Cameron Thomas said. “We encourage everyone to wear a mask if they want to see us play. I don’t think we can overcome the time that we have lost. All we can do is get 1% better every day.”

As of right now, it’s not safe to determine a plan for sports, as Broward County still implements many rules and regulations for schools. 

Just like staff members, students also feel many mixed emotions. Some students strive to become our future sports players.

“A lot of us have been working hard every day for countless hours to become a better player,” junior Joseph Rispoli said. “We didn’t put in everything we have just to not play this fall.” Many students purely focus on school sports to make it through high school. To them, it must be extremely difficult to branch out into other school activities. 

Many students don’t just use school sports as an opportunity, but even as a fun hobby. “It is difficult to go on with school, but leave behind a big passion of mine,” junior Leonardo Rodriguez said.

Leaving behind one’s great passion becomes extremely difficult. The only thing some can do out of this situation is to keep going. There are always more days to come in the future. For now, it is safe to wait, although these sports may be coming sooner rather than later.