Emergency Meeting: Who is the Imposter?!

New science fiction murder mystery game has everyone clutching to their phones.

Emergency Meeting: Who is the Imposter?!

Among Us, a two-year-old who-did-it game has recently been trending in the gaming community. It is a multiplayer game where players in outer space either must take out “the Imposter,”the players, or they “the Crewmates”, must complete the small tasks all around the map and not get eliminated by the Imposter.

Many YouTubers play the game with their friends, so people decided that they should take a spin and see how it is. The opener starts with strange colorful astronauts floating in space and a couple of options to choose from, such as local or online play. Online play goes in-depth by letting users play with others from all over the world. In the game, players can either choose to play publicly with other people, or they can play privately with their friends. There are different types of maps to choose from. Users can choose from the Skield–a map set in outer space–to Mira HQ–a map located in the Earth’s atmosphere and headquarters–to Polus–the location set on the planet’s base. The player can choose up to one to three imposters in the game, which honestly makes it more challenging to figure out who the killer is. The game even goes in-depth to customize the player’s speed, how the players look, their surroundings, and their time and task limit, which some have found interesting.

This is where the real fun starts. As soon as the game begins, the player’s screen will either show them that they are either the crewmate or that they are the imposter. Players shouldn’t lie because it will affect them in the long run. If the user is a crewmate, their job is to complete the little tasks scattered all along with the map. However, if they are the imposter, the player’s mission is to eliminate each crewmate and get away with it. Throughout the game, all the players have a peripheral light that scans their surroundings. This little detail of the game makes it all in all a bit more suspenseful since some won’t know who would come up behind them.

The horror arrives! A body has been discovered, and now it’s time for the player and their crewmates to discuss who the imposter is. Usually how it goes is that whoever discovered the body must explain where they found it. Everyone then must try and defend themselves and have alibis. The imposter can blend in as well and try to cover up the evidence that they are it. After a while of discussing who might be it, everyone—including the imposter—either vote for someone that they might be suspicious of, or they can skip the vote and wait for the next round. If during the game the player is suspicious of someone, they can announce an emergency meeting, which makes everyone stop playing and they get to discuss once more. If there are only two players left, then the imposter has won. If the individual can catch the imposter, then good job!

Overall, this game is a well-deserved five stars that hopefully will keep it afloat in the ever-changing gaming community.