Power of Film

Students discuss the impact of the film industry

Film is a way to tell stories, to explain the nature of motion pictures and how they produce emotional and mental effects on the audience. In brief, film is a way to think about the elements of film. Usually, it also looks at how film is affected by the individual viewer as well as society as a whole. It has impacted many people on today’s society. And it is a great way to show the world a different type of communication through pictures and characters. “I have always liked telling and being told stories.

“I love to read. So, movies for me are just a continuation of that. That’s why I love film because of all the power it holds.””

— TV Production teacher Daniel Alonso said


In the world of film there are thousands of techniques and elements that a movie, TV production or pictures should have. One of them is shot composition, it’s about how to frame shots so they make sense. Also, how to edit those shots together to tell a visual story. Writing a TV and film has to be kind of cross between an essay, a stage play and picture books. It is a weird combination, but it’s true.


The importance of film comes from today’s modern society where most people don’t read for pleasure. Film is basically the main way that we tell stories to each other. Those stories help us understand one another. And if we understand each other and bond over the same stories, it helps us get along better in the real world.


It is a very strong and powerful topic to talk about, film is not just watching a movie and enjoying it. It is more than that. It could be the way we could understand what’s real and what’s not. The images we see on the screen are telling us something, a message or showing us a different way of real life. It could also make us feel emotions like, crying, laughing or fear. Feeling these emotions and dealing with them adds to our mental health.


Film and television are the primary forms of communication today. It’s why our society today is more likely to go to Snapchat or Instagram to talk to friends, rather than pick up the phone and simply call them or chat in person.

The way film portrays today’s society is similar to how cellphones have such powerful cameras and editing software that is available for free on the internet, it means that movies are no longer a thing that only rich people can make. Everyone can make a video or film that tells a story that means a lot to them. And if it means a lot to them, it probably will mean a lot to the viewers as well. It allows our society to interact without interacting and relieves how similar we all are.


Film could be used as a historical tool through documentaries and news footage, we are able to document our lives in ways that we’re not possible even fifty years ago. Our society is more likely to remember the details of a historic event when watching footage of that event or documentary discussing that event.