Easier Doesn’t Mean Safer

Students discuss which school envionment is better for learning this school year amidst COVID-19 alterations

Pro Online School by: Hannah Sheaffer

Online education has become the new normal for students across America. Students weren’t even given the option to go back to school until Oct. 9, 2020. Having to deal with the beginning of the new school year occurring online was quite the challenge, but many students have found it easier to complete their work from the comfort of home. 

I for one was excited to start my freshman year, ready to go back to school, and meet new people. It was pretty disappointing when I found out everything was going to be online. As I continued to attend class from home, I began to realize how I actually liked it much more than going to school in person. For starters, students do not have to wake up as early. When in school, students must carry around a backpack everywhere they go that is filled entirely of school textbooks, notebooks, and other essentials for everyday use. With at home learning, we can type almost every assignment we are given. 

Distance learning also gives everyone the chance to see the work they have. I used to struggle with my time management and often ended up feeling stressed as my work kept piling up. With the tools Canvas provides, many teachers post the week’s work or agenda so that students can balance their homework evenly. Students are able to view past assignments and any work that they are missing as well. This being said, I no longer forget assignments or turn them in late because I can see all my work along with the due dates on the same site. 

When learning from home it is difficult for teachers to help their students on Teams when all they see are initials. Although this can make it a bit harder, they are able to get through the lesson and say what is needed without intentional interruption. Having the chat box and raise hand feature also allows students to interact and ask questions on anything they are confused about. 

After almost two months of being at home I have found it much easier to comprehend and complete all the material from my classes. Having the ability to complete everything from home is making the school year much easier. 



Pro Traditional School by: Marco Amable 

In March of 2020, schools closed due to contracting the virus, and they started back up Aug. 19. Students were forced to not attend school based on the risk, but students had to go to school whether in person or online. Each student had received a computer from the school,students then had to learn from online. The thing is, some thought it would be easier, while some harder. 

In my opinion, online learning is more challenging. The way to get back on track is not the same, it is different and extra difficult to keep up with all the assignments especially in a packed household. The most impactful struggle about e-learning is that it is extremely easy to lose focus. For example students can lose focus by constant distraction on your phone, while class is going on and you missed valuable information. Talking about information, it’s harder to obtain it when you happen to be absent. You most likely will not get the best information from the day you missed. And lastly, it’s a bit more challenging to help a student trying to find something, as this does slow down the class. They could also have technical difficulties such as computer malfunctioning or your home internet not being the best. 

Traditional school learning is better than online learning in my opinion. For starters it’s harder for students to get in contact with their teachers and counselors when online. Another reason why school in person is much better than online is that there are students that eat the school lunch because their family has a low income and school lunch provides for these kids in need. Student resources were a bit hard to obtain in the student’s perspective. Another thing that is difficult for students is that students that have just moved here might struggle with the technology necessary. Life can be hard for people right now, but we will hopefully soon be back to normal. As students and teachers grow more familiar with the concepts of online learning,these tasks will soon be simpler.