No Voice Too Young

Growing rates of young voters begin ahead of 2020 President Election


Drawing Credits: Gloria Greenfield


With election day creeping closer, the question arises: How many high schoolers will find themselves at the polls on Nov. 3rd. As high school seniors reach the age of 18, many have differing political agendas. Some feel as if they are too young and do not need to vote, while others believe their vote is crucial to the future of our country. 


Every year, young people are criticized for not voting. LWV Education Fund states that only 31% of 18 to 19 year’ olds voted in the 2018 election. This leaves a lot of room for growth in these numbers during this upcoming election. In addition to these low numbers, due to COVID-19 still in full swing, there are many more obstacles voters face. This might make it even harder for young people to find their way to the polls. To combat this, many different voting methods will be taking place on vote Nov. 3rd. Mail-in ballots will be provided, as well as traditional poll voting while practicing social distancing and CDC guidelines. However these new protocols make it even less probable that many teenagers will get out and vote.


Every person votes for different reasons, and many students have strong opinions regarding the topic. Although many seniors only recently faced adulthood, some find it very important to use their voices. 


“I’m registered to vote because it is a privilege to live in a country where we are able to elect candidates who determine the quality of a country’s governance. The privilege to vote is not exercised in all countries, but we are lucky enough to have a say in how the country is run.”

— senior Abril Guevara


Others believe voting is a right of passage and confirms you as an adult. “When you’re an adult you become your own person and if you do not vote, you never get the chance to do that,” senior Sabrina Kwan said. 


When it comes to the lack of young adults voting, it can become angering to many as each vote counts. “I believe it is important for young people to vote because politicians selected now directly affect the policies that will impact our future,” Guevera said. 


Although many 18 year olds believe due to their age, this election will not affect them, there are many important decisions that will be made this year that will affect the next four years politically. In fact, a survey taken shows that at least 70% of students 18 or older will be casting their ballot in this upcoming election. Within that 70% of young voters, 68% of the votes will go to Vice President Joe Biden and 32% to President Donald Trump.


 “I think it is important for young people to vote because as kids, we wait our whole lives to be heard and voting is the first step in moving past being overlooked and taking charge,” Kwan said. 


As this election seems to be one of the most important events currently, achieving growing numbers in young people voting can be seen as a struggle. Everyone’s voice and vote is important and people should feel comfortable exercising their right to vote, no matter if it is their first election voting or not.