The Prowl

2020-2021 Staff

Ms. Kristen Edwards


Ms. Kristen Edwards earned her Master of Arts degree in English from State University of New York at Brockport, and has been teaching journalism and English  at Coral Glades for 16 years. In her free time, she enjoys reading and writing.

Gloria Greenfield


Gloria Greenfield is the Editor-in-Chief and President for The Prowl newspaper. She has fulfilled many roles with the program such as Publicity and Business Manager, Opinion Editor, and Content Manager. Some of her goals are to win a few more FSPA Awards and to go to Nova Southeastern to study Journalism and Communications. Greenfield self-published a book in January of 2020, started a non-profit project...

Iyonni Baptiste

News Editor

Iyonni Baptiste is the News Editor at Coral Glades. Baptiste aspires to become a Forensic Anthropologist and gain acceptance to her dream school, “Boston University.” Baptiste has won certificates and trophies for her development of understanding in Science and English. Baptiste is reliable in speech representation. In her free time, she likes to read and decipher different emotions from poems...

Angelique Bergamini

Features Editor

Angelique Bergamini is a senior at Coral Glades. Bergamini is the Feature’s Editor for The Prowl. She aspires to continue her journalism career in college and get her degree in broadcasting journalism and communications. Bergamini has been cheering her whole life and has a state champion title with her high school cheer team. She also coaches younger cheer teams on her free time and works at a pool...

Mina Kendall

Opinion Editor

Mina Kendall is a junior and the opinions editor for The Prowl. She has been a part of The Prowl for 3 years and aspires to be a journalist. She wants to attend Florida State University for journalism and communications. She loves writing and tries to read a traditional newspaper once a week. In her spare time, she loves traveling and spending time with friends and family.

Makayla Joyce

Entertainment Editor

Makayla Joyce is a junior and the Entertainment Editor for The Prowl. She has been a part of The prowl for three years and was the Secretary of the Newspaper club last year and plans on pursuing a career in Journalism. She plans on attending Florida State University to pursue her passion for journalism and equine studies and to further her riding career. Joyce has qualified 3 years in a row for IEA...

Jacobo Gallego

Sports Editor

Jacobo Gallego is a Sophomore and the Sports Section Editor for Journalism at Coral Glades High School, and was the Content Editor in his Freshman year.  Gallego plans to take as many college and AICE courses in high school, as well as participate in clubs. Gallego is currently taking AP World History and is an active member in Key Club, and in his free time he loves to ride his bike and skat...

Hannah Sheaffer

Staff Writer

Hannah Sheaffer is a member of the staff. Sheaffer hopes to one day become a lawyer as well as travel and see exotic places. Sheaffer is currently in all AP, AICE, and Honors classes. She also is very good with time management and spreads her work out evenly so that she does not get to stressed. She enjoys hanging out with her friends during her free time.

Soriah Walker

Staff Writer

Soriah Walker is a member of the newspaper staff. Walker’s goals are to become a pediatric doctor and be stable financially on her own. One quirky fact about her is that she’ll eat chicken tenders anywhere in the world because that’s how much she loves them.

Madison Pilotte

Staff Writer

Madison Pilotte is a member of The Prowl Newspaper staff at Coral Glades High School. She wants to be successful in this role and hopes to be an editor in the future. Three years ago, she went to the SOS village and painted the walls in the back of their houses and she also volunteered at a pet shelter for about a year. A quirky fact about Pilotte is that if someone were to poke her or tap one side...

Jaden Torres

Staff Writer

Jaden Torres is a member of the Prowl as a staff writer and a freshman at Coral Glades. Torres wants to be able to achieve his goals of passing through all of his 8 new classes. Torres has been in advanced courses and is known to be a good student. Torres likes to spend time with his dog, Ace.

Jessica Saint-Amand

Staff Writer

Jessica Saint-Amand is a member of the Newspaper staff. Saint- Amand’s goals are to be a veteran, and grow up to be a successful person.  Saint-Amand’s most impressive achievements are earning her black belt showing that she has integrity and getting good grades . A weird fact about her is that she loves to eat pizza with mayonnaise or ranch. Saint-Amand always spends time with her pet ginny...

Isabel Pereira

Staff Writer

Isabel Pereira is a member of the newspaper staff and a freshman at Coral Glades High. Pereira’s goals are to become a dancer and dance for big celebrities. She also wants to graduate from high school, get her diploma and go to college. Pereira got second place at a dance competition in her hometown in 2016. That same year she got the role to participate in a play called “From the Window of My...

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