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My Break up With High School

Signing Off For The Last Time.
My Break up With High School

Dear, High School

Where do I even start? These last 4 years of high school have gone by in the blink of an eye.  I can remember the day when I was filling out my Freshman course card. Tto now picking up my cap and gown for Graduation. It’s sad knowing that a big chapter of my life is coming to an end. High School has given me so much even though it wasn’t all that easy and there were days when I asked myself why am I even here or if I would try to convince my mom to not let me go to school. But looking back on it now I did realize how much I would miss it. You don’t realize that you will never get a chance like this again to experience something that is high school from all of the Football games, parties, and lifetime friends you’ll make. It’s honestly a once in a lifetime experience. 

One thing I’m grateful that Glades was able to give me was being able to join the newspaper. I have never really been the writing type, and I never really found Interest in writing about things that are going on in the world. Honestly, I never liked writing in my English class, I dreaded it when we had a writing assignment. Because of that, I would’ve never thought I would join the newspaper, it never crossed my mind, but the universe has a funny way of making things happen. On my first day in newspaper, I was a bit nervous at first even tho I had people that I knew, It was still a new environment for me, and didn’t know my place there but I gave it a chance, and I’m glad I did before I knew it was growing friendship with people I would have never thought, going on a trip across the Country for conventions and Finding a love for writing that I never thought I would have. For me, the Newspaper was the best that could have happened in High School. And I encourage anyone who even a slight interest to join because you wouldn’t regret it.  

For any Incoming Freshman or upcoming Seniors, If I can give you any tips it’s that Make sure that you keep up with your grades I know it can be hard at times, But it’s so important because once you get to your senior year it all going to matter if it’s not for what colleges might see to getting the right grade to graduate High everything you do will affect you. Also try to be involved at School, and for this it can be many things like joining a sport or a club, there are so many things in High School that you can do, so don’t waste Your chances of being part of something big. Not only that but do try to get to know your counselor. I know it might be annoying to go to them but there are many opportunities in high school that they don’t tell you about like an Aice diploma or how you can take college classes or when graduating High School with your Associate Degree. And you won’t be able to know this if you don’t talk to your counselor. 

It’s sad to know that this might be the last article I will write for newspapers but I’m forever grateful for what Glades has given. Yes, it might have not been all good, from me being stressed out over AICE exams to always getting upset with Teachers and staff and losing Friendships and relationships. I wouldn’t change a thing, Glades gave me a chance for me to grow as a person and know what I want in life, as well as meet people that will forever be in my life. And for that, I say thank you 


Signing off for the last time, Valeria  

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About the Contributor
Valeria Gando, Writer
  • Name: Valeria Gando
  • Grade:12
  • School Club/Sports involvement: Girl up and Lacrosse
  • Fun Fact: I really like to draw

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