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Sparks of Sweet Spirits


We’ve all had a moment where you would jump out of joy. Whether that be receiving your first toy or a car on your 18th birthday, one of these moments that often makes us feel sweet and swell is ice cream.

February 18th, 2023, strikes the point of the DECA ice cream social, which, to all members, can be exciting yet frightening. The reason is that it requires you to talk to people and socialize, which, although not the main reason for the social regardless, is a requirement if you join.

(Located in room 169 of Coral Glades) The social purpose would be to understand DECA and its principles better. This social event acts as the second DECA meeting of the year.

DECA acts as a way to provide leadership skills and entrepreneurship skills to those who would want a career in a range of categories, such as marketing, hospitality, management, and finance. DECA is available for high school and college students across the globe.

DECA has several events planned throughout the year. Since it’s the early portion of the year, DECA only has a little money to take students to these events, Meaning they need to raise money.

For instance, DECA is attending an event in Orlando around late October. It’s said as of now to be three hundred twenty-five dollars, which without fundraising, will be an even higher price.

As to solving the issue, Mr. Goldfinger had an interesting take on the topic.

“DECA members are required to sell things like popcorn which would make it beneficial to DECA to raise money.” Mr. Goldfinger says.

The best way to raise the money would be to spread awareness. By extending the news over DECA and getting people interested in the issues of DECA, many would donate money. They are spreading the topic of DECA around, making the problem apparent.

Something as simple as a tweet or a repost will spread the news to at least one person so they can tell someone else about DECA’s goal to raise money.

“I want to spread awareness in DECA with Guarding the Glades so the Everglades and the animals in it can thrive in their natural habitat.” Dominic Ayala, sophomore, says.

Although there may be moments when there might not be any progress made for a while, DECA must not give up. The news will spread hopefully resulting in people becoming genuinely interested in the problem, and DECA will go in a positive direction. By facing today’s current issues, we will fight for the future of our dreams.

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  • J

    Jennie VargasOct 7, 2023 at 7:39 am

    Let’s support DECA. Thanks for the article.