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Which do you Prefer? Basketball or Football?

Which do you Prefer? Basketball or Football?

There are many sports that people enjoy watching with the most watched nationally being basketball and football. 

On the internet, there are websites and apps where people talk about the latest news concerning sports teams and trades. There are many fans who post about basketball and football. 

Basketball players play for the NBA (National Basketball Association) and there are 29 teams that play within the United States and one team from Canada, so in total 30 teams. 

In the NFL (National Football League) there are 32 different teams, all coming from the United States. 

The point system in basketball is quite different from football. In basketball for every basket, you make you receive two points except if you are behind the three-point line, in which case, you get three points.  

“Football is fun to watch but basketball is better,” said Samantha Torres, Sophomore. 

On the other hand, in football, you get six points for every touchdown and seven if you get into the endzone again or make a field goal. If you decide to not go for the touchdown, you can get three points from making a field goal. 

In football, you have 11 plates on the field and both teams included there should never be more than 22 players on the field. 

“I like football more than basketball because it is fun,” said Elijah Campell, Senior. 

Basketball on the other hand only has five players on the court per team so no more than 10 on the whole court.  

The teams that are in Florida in the NBA for basketball are the Miami Heat and the Orlando Magic. The teams for football in Florida for the NFL are the Miami Dolphins, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Jacksonville Jaguars.  

Many people who live around here are fans of these teams because they are the Florida teams and people who live in places like L.A. would like the Lakers.  

I personally like basketball more because I play it and I find it easier to understand than football. 

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