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The History of Halloween

The History of Halloween

It’s that time of year again, get your costumes on and get ready!

Halloween is a tradition celebrated by a large majority of people in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and a bunch of other European countries.  

Where did it originate? 

It is believed that Halloween originated in modern-day Ireland in 2000 BC during a holiday called Samhain where the Celtics would dress up in costumes consisting of animal skulls and Hydes, light bonfires and perform rituals to ward off ghosts and evil spirits.  

The influence of ancient Rome 

It is no secret that ancient Rome influenced several holidays, but what about Halloween? When ancient Rome took over Ireland in 43 A.D. They mixed their holiday “Feralia” with the Celtic holiday “Samhain” both residing in late October. Feralia was a practice done by Romans to celebrate the ones who had passed away. Pope Gregory III born in Syria in 690 A.D. designated November 1st “All Saints Day” and the day before “Hallows Eve” which is where the name came from.   

The influence of the United States 

When Puritans came to the United States from England, they brought the Celtic holiday Samhain which they celebrated back in England and Ireland in the late 18th century. The United States also started to dress up in recognizable celebrities, cartoon characters, superheroes, and anything else that would catch someone’s eye.

“I like seeing all the movie and TV show characters that I enjoy watching,” said Manor Pinel, a junior at Coral Glades. 

Why do we trick or treat? 

First, what is trick or treating? Trick or treating is a practice during Halloween where children dress up in costumes and go door to door asking for candy and small toys.

Trick or treating came from England in the 18th century which was influenced by the Celts during Samhain where they would put on animal skulls and animal hides and pelts, and sacrifice goats, cows, donkeys, and other farm animals in a bonfire.

“Halloween is nice, but I am getting too old to trick or treat,” said Noah Rosen, a junior at Coral Glades High School. “I wish I was younger.”

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