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The Insides of Sophomore King Thompson

What is really going on inside his head?

You know him, I know him, everyone knows King. Some are friends with him, and others just hear his chatter. What is the real reason he is everywhere, and how does he do it? 

From peeking into classes to going into them and talking up a storm, we have at least seen King around. Some more than others.  

The reason for “controversy,” as the headline of this feature, is because his chatter does not please everyone.  

“King seems to like his own voice just a little too much. But his ramblings aren’t awful,” said Gianna Ierubino, a Freshman at Coral Glades High, and a fellow classmate of King’s. “His gossip is only annoying when I’m trying to work, which is every second of the class we have together. But I like King, he makes the whole class crack up.”  

“Hi!” said the man, the myth, the talker. His mind is processing thousands of vital things to talk about. What will it be next? No one knows, nor does King. He just says whatever is on his mind at that exact moment. 

Everyone knows that King is full of energy, Madison Cohen had something to say about King and all his enthusiasm. “King is the most energetic and exciting person at Glades,” said the sophomore. “He can lighten up a room by just being there, and don’t even get me started on his dance moves, they are amazing!”  

A new perspective on king does change things, the way people look at him is just amazing, he incites joy in people, and he really does brighten up this place, not that it is not bright already, from all the excitement that Mrs. Hodge brings to the class, King just adds a little bit extra.  

“King is very funny and entertains the classroom when we’re bored. Said Manor Pniel, a junior at Coral Glades High, and one of King’s friends. “I wish he came to the Boston trip with us, this is the petition to do so.”

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