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The Dangers of Playing Football too Early

When is too young to play football? 

As a lot of us know, football is an extremely common and loved sport in schools all around the United States. It is a favorite sport for the student body and parents all over the world. However, the question of how young is too young to play football is often asked around. 

Football can be considered an aggressive sport due to the pushing, hitting, and tackling that may be involved in the game, which is why these football players are so geared up to protect themselves.  

Many studies have shown various brain damage cases in football players due to the aggressive hits they may experience as they are playing football. This might cause them to be more aggressive, have less empathy, and do irrational things in their daily lives.  

Due to these issues, many wonder if students, for example in middle school, should be participating in the sport. Early and later teenager’s brains are not fully developed by the time they are playing football, therefore if something were to cause damage to their brain the repercussions to their daily life would be greater 

The great impacts they might receive to their head can cause issues like memory loss, unconsciousness, depression, and eventually dementia. These are not the only things these hits can cause; the effects are endless.  

Many believe that after the age of 14 is a good age to start practicing due to the catastrophic effects if someone started to play younger than that. However, repetitive brain trauma is always catastrophic, it can affect them in school and their personal life. 

“Personally, I am not sure if I would let my son or daughter play football at such a young age because of the fact that it is already worrisome for them to be playing as older kids therefore I don’t think I would feel comfortable with them playing so young.” Mr. Rodriguez, teacher. 

It is very difficult to depict the bad things about football to any student living in America because it is such a loved sport. Therefore, there should be some type of conversation brought up with anyone interested in playing football about the repercussions.   

“Personally, I enjoy football, but I do know that it can have its consequences, but I mean doesn’t everything?” Maven Lebron, senior.


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