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Apple V.S. Samsung

Photo credits: Android authority
Photo credits: Android authority

Apple or Android, which is the best phone? This has been an argument discussed for a long time. 

Samsung has been a company since March 1, 1938, and was started in Korea. Apple has been around since April 1, 1976, which makes Samsung around longer than Apple. 

 Samsung’s first product that was made was a black and white tv that went overseas. In 1988 The first phone made by Samsung was called the SH-100. The very first phone that competed with an apple phone was in 2009 that was called the Samsung galaxy X. 

Apple’s first product invented was the Apple l microcomputer. Steve Jobs created it in his garage and was sold with a CPU. The first iPhone was created in 2007, two years before the Samsung phone competed with the iPhone.  

“Apple is the better brand because more people have it and Samsung’s phones are slower than Apples” said Elijah Campbell, 12th grader.  

There are over one hundred apple products that have been made and they are continuing to invent new products. Since Samsung has been around much longer than Apple, they have made around 6 billion products from tv to smart watches.  

Samsung operates in 74 different countries and is majority owned by foreign investors. They employ 290,000 people in the countries it operates in.  

Apple only operates in 26 different countries with their next store opening in China on November 4, 2023.  

According to Karina Mcormick, 11th grader “Samsung are better and have much better video and photo quality” 

There is a debate about how Samsungs has a better-quality camera but recently people have noticed that if you put the iPhone camera settings a certain way you are able to get the same quality that the Samsung community is saying it lacks. 

I believe that Apple products are better quality and have a bigger audience than Samsung’s do. It has become a sort of trend to have an iPhone instead of another product. 

The real question is what do you think? Are Apple products better or are Samsung products better? 

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