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What Makes a Trend?

Photo Credits: Starbucks

According to Oxford Languages, a Trend is defined as “Change or develop in a general direction.”  That change can revolve around practically anything and with this definition, even the first man made fire can be considered the longest trend ever. 

We’re going to specifically focus on social trends throughout western society, the 1st one would be the Bone Shaker in the 1860s, essentially a metal bicycle, but it wasn’t called a bicycle. It’s called the boneshaker due to it being an uncomfortable ride, and most European streets being stone. 

A lot of other social fads that were popular can be found in the 1980s, you have things like breakdancing which was new. In inner cities it was immensely popular, essentially someone would take a small carpet or some cardboard, and place that down really wherever, the street, alleyways, subway, etc. Then begin to dance. 

Yet breakdancing is probably the most movement-based dance ever, unlike the twirls and tapping of your feet in the 1950s, breakdancing could include you spinning on your head, backflips, front flips, having one hand on the floor while you move your legs wildly, most likely in a circle. 

Then we arrive in the 2010s with, pretty much the internet taking over. With a new source of online communication, people from around the world can share everything with one another. Now these trends in the age of information are different from the old ones. 

They really have their own definition, that being by Oxford Languages again, “a topic that is the subject of many posts on a social media site or application within a short period of time.” Now this can apply to really anything. 

Memes are a big example of this, famous memes such as Pepe, Dat boi, Yee, Derpina, and Troll Face just to name a few. Some of these are being used for new memes, Pepe can be featured in political memes while Derpina has become an idolized girl and Troll Face is now evil. 

You can also find trends making fun of other stuff, like when the internet came together to collectively hate on YouTube Rewind. You know the famous line said by Will Smith “Aw that’s hot!” While staring at a bus in the sky. 

There’s trends where something is popular, and it gets shot down later by the internet as being cringe (saying cringe is also now cringe). Remember fidget spinners? Remember how every youtuber and their mom would get more and more elaborate fidget spinners? 

Next, there’s trends where one side of the internet hates it and the other loves it and nothing encapsulates this more than Starbucks and their Pumpkin Spice Latte. Some people hate it and find it disgusting as it contains 50 grams of sugar, according to Starbucks that is, which is not healthy at all. 

Others find the Pumpkin Spice Latte very nostalgic, it’s reminiscent of autumn, and being cozy in a house by a fireplace. Very heartwarming stuff, both metaphorically and literally! 

Finally, there’s also trends people find interesting for themselves. I had asked 2 people if they had participated in any trends, Alex Ron-Garcia is in the 10th grade and he said, “Like dressing up as, like characters.” 

Then there’s another answer I got which was “Five Nights at Freddy’s is coming out and I know lots of people are going to dress up like me in my Spring Bonnie suit.” That was from Sarah Veronica in the 9th grade. 

In conclusion, it’s safe to say that a trend is really anything that’s popular for an extended period of time before being dropped by society and possibly being picked up again in the future. As such, trends as we know them will absolutely continue into the future as humanity finds new things to fawn over. 

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