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Netflix V.S. YouTube

Which one would you choose?
Netflix V.S. YouTube

Netflix vs YouTube 

As we all know Netflix is loved among the entire worlds. It has an endless number of categories of movies and shows for people to enjoy. They have been shown in different languages as well from all around the world. 

Then comes YouTube, where you have endless content made by people like us including day videos, get ready with me videos, and tour videos. Many people use YouTube as a platform to earn their income which helps them for the most part. Other people use YouTube to learn new things and be more educated about the world. 

The question is, Netflix or YouTube? In a recent poll it was found that teenagers use YouTube more by just one percent than Netflix. Now, take into account that these are teenagers, therefore many of these students use YouTube as a resource to learn school related material. 

Some downsides of Netflix, however, is that it is not accessible to everyone due to the fact that you do have to pay monthly for it. On the other hand, YouTube is free for all people and is easily accessible. 

However, YouTube does have its negative sides. It includes many ads throughout the video which many people do not like. There used to be a way to download an ad blocker on your laptop but now YouTube makes you take off that extension, if not, you can’t watch the video. 

So, yes, both YouTube and Netflix have its downside that co-exist let’s put it this way, they give it tit for tat. Netflix makes you pay a monthly prescription which includes no ads, then comes YouTube that is free but includes ads. 

Maven Lebron, senior “Personally, I use YouTube more often than I do Netflix just because it is more practical, so I guess you can say I enjoy YouTube more than Netflix, but I still like my Netflix from time to time.” 

Many can argue that YouTube is easily accessible, and Netflix isn’t, However, Netflix does include a feature in which you can download movies or shows onto your streaming device so you can watch your favorite show when there is no internet, for example, in an airplane. YouTube doesn’t have this feature unfortunately, so it does bring it down a few steps. 

Jessica Garvey, junior “Some of my favorite shows of all time are on Netflix where I can never get on YouTube, so I am going to side with Netflix on this one.” 

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