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The Boston New England Aquarium Experience

Noah Rosen
One of the two sea turtles featured at the aquarium, photograph taken by our very own Noah Rosen, writer!

During our visit to Boston, the 2023-2024 Newspaper and Yearbook classes got the privilege to visit the astounding New England Aquarium. Home to hundreds of aquatic species and ecosystems, the New England Aquarium plays an important role as it aims to help inform and educate others on marine life and prominent issues concerning their ecosystems. 


The Aquarium boasted a beautiful 3 story coral reef in the center of the building. Full of vibrant coral, hundreds of fish, and stingrays, visitors could walk around the spiral staircase that encased the tank and observe the beautiful and lively ecosystem. 


Most impressive of all, two giant sea turtles roamed around the center aquarium. After conversing with the turtles’ caretakers, it was revealed they were at least 90 years old. As the caretakers fed them lettuce leaves, the audience also got to hear other interesting fun facts about these sea creatures and their role in their environment. 


Another unique feature of this aquarium is the penguin exhibit. As you enter the building, you are met with the squawks and honks of African and Southern Rockhopper penguins. 


“I was really surprised to see penguins at the aquarium,” said Lorelai Malone, a junior. “I was expecting some fish and maybe some sea birds, but penguins? I was really impressed. It was fun being able to see them swim around and interact with each other.”


The penguins showed off their swimming and rock climbing skills while being fed sardines by their caretakers. Exhibits like these raise awareness about their species’ unfortunate circumstances as global warming and human-caused disasters like oil spills make their natural habitats inaccessible. By educating the public on such matters, the aquarium provides these penguins who suffered in the past with a sanctuary that works to prevent their extinction. 


As you continue to walk around the aquarium, other exhibits and tanks are available to be observed. There are dozens of tanks full of flourishing coral, anemones, sea grasses, and algae, with even more brightly colored fish scurrying around. 


When asked about her experience at the aquarium, junior Jessica Garvey expressed her awe for a particular exhibit.


“The fish tanks were so cool! I can vividly remember this one really dark tank that had just one fish, but it was the biggest fish I’ve ever seen- a giant grouper that was pretty much the same size as me. I felt like I was at the bottom of the ocean because the tank felt so natural. It looked just like an underwater cave.”


The aquarium also offered smaller, more secluded tanks that had tiny yet just as captivating creatures like seahorses and starfish. Just a few exhibits away from these tanks was a dark corner full of dazzling jellyfish. One tank consisted of clear jellyfish which, when looked at more closely, put on an amazing light show as their tentacles lit up with rainbow electricity. 


Overall, visiting the New England Aquarium was an unforgettable experience for our Newspaper and Yearbook classes. Students got to learn about the beauty and importance of marine life and ocean ecosystems while exploring the multiple floors of unique sea creatures the aquarium displayed. It was an unforgettable trip, and they are all so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to visit.

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