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Are Economics and Financial Literacy Classes Important?


Well, yes—consider it a head start in the grand race of understanding. In a world spinning with information, gaining a head start in economic and political literacy is not just a privilege; it’s an advantage. It is impossible to overestimate the significance of teaching economic and political literacy in a world growing ever more interdependent and complex. These classes are essential resources for equipping people with the knowledge and abilities needed to successfully negotiate the challenges of modern life. 

Financial literacy. This powerhouse not only teaches you about taxes and tax forms but also equips you with the tools to avoid scams and navigate the often confusing world of credit cards. Financial literacy becomes your guide in understanding how to optimize your tax situation, avoid pitfalls, and make informed choices about credit. In a world where financial scams are prevalent and credit card misuse is common, financial literacy serves as a shield, ensuring you’re not just financially literate but financially resilient.

“I do think that these classes are important and really prepare you for the future in many different ways,” says Brian Ross Sophomore.

More importantly, though, financial literacy acts as a roadmap for wise money management, something that many people find difficult to do. It covers more ground than just budgeting and imparts knowledge on investing, saving, and making wise financial decisions. Financial literacy guarantees that every dollar is wisely allocated toward your objectives, from debt management to constructing a secure financial future.

“These classes are really hard, I personally think they’re challenging,” says Narayani Sandoval, a freshman.

When combined, financial, political, and economic literacy make up a trinity of knowledge that goes well beyond success in school.  The critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities you develop in these classes will be valuable in both your personal and professional life. The knowledge and skills acquired from these three literacies offer you a comprehensive perspective of the world, which gives you an advantage in a society that seeks diverse knowledge, regardless of whether you’re starting a business, joining the workforce, or exercising community leadership.

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