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What Should be Considered a Sport?


Throughout the years there has been a debate about what should be classified as a sport. These discussions could get very heated between avid sports fans. 

Many argue that you must use a form of ball or tool. Others argue that it’s more than that. Here, in this article, you are about to learn actual facts about what makes sports a sport. 


Firstly, let’s go over the actual textbook definition of the word ‘sport’. 

Oxford languages says that the definition of ‘sport’ is: an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

Now that we have that down. Let’s go through the very true factors that must go into a sport. What are the requirements?

#1: Strength/Speed

Said sport must contain an activity where the players are using a certain amount of strength and/or speed while performing the activity. For example, while playing soccer, each player has to use muscular strength in their legs in order to effectively kick the soccer ball into the net. Soccer players are also expected to run very fast which does take up a lot of strength. 

This factor is very common. An example of something that won’t make it into this category would be, sitting on the couch and watching tv. Watching tv on the couch unfortunately won’t be considered a sport- and no, watching a sport does not count. 

So please do not put ‘watching tv’ on your college application. That will not get you a scholarship.

#2: Teams

All players of each sport must be a part of a team. This team must compete against each other until there is an eventual winner in each game. And no, watching tv is still not a sport, even when you are doing it with friends. 

These teams must be actively working together to defeat the opposing team. A team can range from 5 -12 members. Though some clubs might include teams, this does not necessarily mean it can be considered a sport though. A sport must follow the definition that requires you to have accrual physical exertion.

Recently, chess has been named a sport by the International Olympic Committee. Which leads us to our next factor.

#3: Mental Skills

Though a sport requires you to use physical strength, you must also have mental skills to play a sport. In other words, you must be smart with the decisions made while playing said sport. Bringing it back to chess, the game requires you to think quickly and move fast which is why it’s a sport. In basketball, you must have great coordination to shoot the ball in the basket. In Baseball, you must think quickly when that ball flies toward you. 

Mental skills are implied all of the time in sports and so it must be a requirement. 

CGHS Students Express What They Think

Students at Coral Glades High School are all very interested in this topic. They decided to share what they believe should be considered a sport.

“As long as they’re engaged in a physical activity, it is a sport,” senior Emily King mentioned. As stated in the previous paragraphs, this is true in most cases. Some sports don’t require you to do so. 

Another student decided to pitch in, “I think to call it a sport, you have to be using strength. Like I’m a cheerleader and I am constantly throwing the other girls in the air which is a lot of work,” says sophomore, Sophie Thompson. 

Hear that lazy folks? Watching TV on the couch is still not considered a sport, even in Sophie’s world. A sport is an activity which must include strength, speed, and mental skills and you must be a part of a competing team. If this doesn’t apply to your activity then what are you waiting for? Give that couch a break and join a sports team or play with your family.

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