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Mrs.K Lewis Presents “Movie Night”!


On March 21st, 2024 Mrs.K Lewis will be hosting an amazing dance show at the Coral Springs Performing Arts Center. Grab your snacks and drinks because you won’t want to miss it!

Coming up with the production has been both very stressful and exciting. 

For example, having to search for songs to match the theme, dance moves to match the song, and moves that everyone can do.

When coming up with a dance for people who don’t perform at the same level as others, that can be difficult because you’ll have to oversimplify certain parts when you really don’t want to. This can be very stressful to a particular dancer, and her name is DeAndra Gray.

The Reason why this is stressful for her in particular is because she injured herself by doing what she loves. Because of that severe injury, DeAndra and her teammates now have to modify every part that she is in. When you have to modify the majority of the dance just for one dancer, that blocks the vision that you had in mind from getting on stage.

Though DeAndra got hurt, she still has a passion for dance and doesn’t let her injury get in the way of what she loves. Speaking of not letting anything get in the way, DeAndra has proven that she still has a passion for dance and earned a solo in the show! Not only does she have a solo, she is in 7 other dances!

Yes that is very exciting, but here is where the hard part comes in. Having to make up a good solo by yourself..

“Making up a solo isn’t as difficult as it seems. Yes I agree that it can be nerve-racking, and frustrating when thinking about it but the actual hard part about it, is making it look un-rushed and good enough to go on stage” says Tarahji Clark, 8th grade.

Being a part of this show will be an amazing experience for all the dancers! Reasons being is because, some never performed on stage in front of an audience before and what Mrs.K Lewis is bringing will have a huge impact on these dancers.

According to Nevaeh Jones, “Not only is everyone having fun at practices, they are learning new movements they never knew they were capable of doing. They get to meet new people, create new bonds, and overall share the love of dance with one another.”

In conclusion, we hope to see you there! Promise you wouldn’t want to miss this.

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