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A Recap of the Most Iconic 2024 Super Bowl Commercials.


As you know, every February, football fans, non-football fans, and everyone in between gather together to watch the Superbowl. Whether you’d like to admit it or not, the reason why the game is so popular isn’t only because of the actual game but it’s because of the amazing commercials that are featured.

With many celebrity cameos from Jennifer Anniston to Beyoncé, let’s run through the most iconic and memorable commercials of the night!!


First off, the ‘Don’t forget Ubereats’ commercial which featured a few celebrity cameos has left an impact on many.

The commercial showed a bunch of people who have forgotten everything so they can remember Ubereats. Jennifer Anniston and David Schwimmer made a cameo where they ran into each other and Jennifer didn’t recognize her ex-co-star. Victoria and David Beckham were then shown unloading groceries and somehow forgot about the Spice Girls.

Jellyroll remembered about Uber Eats but forgot about the tattoos on his face. Usher also had an appearance and he forgot how to roller skate.


Beyoncé was featured in this commercial in various costumes. Of course, any commercial with Beyoncé in it would be considered to be memorable, but this one especially because the Grammy-winning artist announced her new album during it. 

“When I saw Beyoncé I honestly screamed. She looked amazing. She’s such a queen!” Senior Bailey Price said.

This shocked all of her fans who call themselves the bey hive. The $7 million was very worth it because of how fantastic she looked in the ad and how no one will forget about it any time soon.

Doritos Dinamita

Jenna Ortega, an actress now most known for her recent roles in “Wednesday” and “Scream IV”, was a part of this spectacular commercial. It also features actor Danny Ramirez. 

Jenna is seen shopping with Dina and Mita before Danny takes the last bag of Doritos Dinamita. Throughout the commercial, there is a whole chase scene with Dina, Mita, and Danny.

Dunkin: The Dunkings

Now in this commercial, Ben Affleck is featured and he is trying to become the newest successful pop star with his group called ‘The Dunkings. Some other members of this band are Matt Damon and Tom Brady. 

The group performs their newest song in front of a record label but is oddly enough rejected. 

State farm

State Farm’s commercial for the Super bBowlwas a good one. Arnold Schwarzenegger is singing the classic state farm jingle ‘Like a good neighbor state farm is there’. The punchline here is that Arnold has a hard time pronouncing his Rs. 

This created a hilarious and entertaining commercial for us to watch.

It seems like almost every commercial that night was entertaining to watch. There was one that was a little unbearable but was memorable indeed.


Yep, you guessed it. Temu is an online shopping website where everything is cheap. It is a million-dollar site because of the number of times this ad was shown.

There were complaints about this especially because it made people realize how they were pronouncing the name wrong this entire time. Many exclaimed how it didn’t have to be shown the amount of times that it was.

“Loved all the commercials but every time they showed the temu ad, I wanted to cry. I did not need to be reminded that I have been pronouncing it wrong too.” Valentina Ramirez, Junior said.

We can put this one down as memorable because by now it has been engraved into our brains. There are so many more commercials that can be included, but you don’t want to be sitting here reading this all day, do you? 

You should check out the compilations if you haven’t had the time to watch the Superbowl last Sunday night. Iconic and memorable night indeed for the commercials.

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