Has Social Media Wasted Everyone’s Time?

Social media is often feared or loved by many as a way to kill time. However, social media has become more prominent of an issue than it has before.
Photo Credits: Couples Counseling Orlando
Photo Credits: Couples Counseling Orlando

Social media is considered a tool when used properly. It can be a messenger of information just as it could be fun. However, people know far too well the drawbacks of such resources.

Often due to many leisures, social media makes people addicted to using its catalog of resources. YouTube and TikTok are the most prominent of such time-wasting due to their addicting list of videos that anyone can enjoy.

On paper, entertainment is good and very healthy if treated properly. If not, it could lead to procrastination and other means of wasting time. 

The science behind it is shown heavily with YouTube, each time someone watches a video and finishes they feel a dopamine increase for completing a task. However, being dealt such a hand consistently leads to addiction and a need for it otherwise people might not know what to do with themselves.

TikTok especially took advantage due to their short one-minute format of videos which only made the dopamine and addiction go sky high. Lawmakers are attempting to ban TikTok but not for such reasons. Rather, due to leaking viewers’ information the law only strikes TikTok when it causes a problem for the country and not for the people’s time wasted.

High schoolers or college students are hit especially by this due to their addiction being stronger than their need to learn and work. Having such a tool can be so damaging if not taught properly.

While schools give the standard message, not many follow this rule. This leads to a lack of care for schooling and those with a higher responsibility to succumb to such a common yet damaging addiction.

High school students have this regarding their relationship with social media.

“My relationship with social media is nonexistent. I firmly believe that social media is the downfall of society. We’ve allowed it to consume us to a point where we live our daily lives wondering what photo can we take. How many likes can we get throughout the day? We have lost our humanity, we’ve become more social but yet we are more lonely than ever. I firmly believe our future is doomed.” says David Cruz, a junior.

The government and education system are doing nothing while the people suffer. It may not directly link to the law, but it links to the development of the people.

I-Pad kids or Generation Alpha are forced to watch brain-rotting videos as a means of profit from past generations. If people don’t stop caring for profits now, it could ruin the future of humanity as a whole beyond issues given to us already.

Anthony Mejia, a freshman, continues to state, “I feel like social media could hurt kids in the future if they are unmonitored, already you see brain rot happening with kids now, just imagine what’ll happen to them later.”

People are falling to social media and at this rate, there won’t be much support for humanity from future generations to provide. With addictions, changes, and issues developing worldwide and humanity’s lack of care given now, there won’t be a world left to save. However, if the people act now, they can stand and fight for this world for a little while longer.

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