Teachers and Students can Make a Huge Impact on One Another

Teachers and Students can Make a Huge Impact on One Another

Is it true that teachers and students can make school something to look forward to? From my perspective, yes!

School is a place that many people aren’t eager to attend. The majority of the population may even say that they hate school, and would rather stay home. The reasons are, that students don’t get the proper amount of rest, teachers assign an unhealthy amount of work, and students have other prime concerns that compete for their time, energy, and attention.

However, there is always at least one classmate or teacher who pushes away your thoughts of hatred towards school. For a specific student, DeAndra Gray. DeAndra looks forward to seeing her dance teacher because she sees her as another mother figure, and her teammates because they’re practically her sisters!

She often struggles with waking up in the morning because she has no motivation to get ready and go to school, but the thought of knowing who will be there boosts her energy.

Although teachers and students can help motivate one another to go to school, they may not know how much they are helping each other. Things at home may not be on the positive side so being at school or any other curricular activities is an escape physically and mentally. It is an amazing feeling knowing you’re comfortable enough with someone to look forward to seeing them every day just because of how precious their presents can be.

“The positive effect that teachers and students have on each other can extend beyond the classroom. It is a dynamic that brings love not only for learning but also creates a supportive educational environment, says Kimoralyn Jackson, Junior.

Though school life can have both positive and negative effects on teachers, students, and staff; School brings people together so they can inspire and motivate each other, even when school isn’t the most exciting thing. 

According to Tarahji Clark, a junior, “It is amazing how a supportive teacher or fellow student can make a difference in our lives and not even know it.”

Having a teacher who takes the time out of their day to not only listen but to understand you and your situation is a blessing. Not many teachers have the heart to care, so finding a teacher and being able to talk without feeling unheard is an amazing feeling that everyone should experience. 

We as students sometimes don’t have the support we need at home but because of school, we now have friends, teachers, and staff that we feel comfortable enough to approach without feeling judged. Instead, we will receive encouragement and guidance.

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