The Art Show at Coral Glades

Coral Glades welcomes you to an entertaining and refreshing night within our four walls. Our very own art show will be presented at Glades’ cafeteria on Friday, May 17th from 6-8pm.
Source: @cghsart2023 on Instagram
Source: @cghsart2023 on Instagram

Mrs. Furst is the art teacher here at Glades, she is working hard to get ready for  Friday, May 17, which is the Coral Glades High School art show. This much-awaited event will feature an amazing collection of artworks made by her students, showcasing a wide range of skill levels and talents.

All students have the opportunity to showcase their work, from those who are just starting in their artistic careers, to those who have been studying under Mrs. Furst for all four years of their time in high school.

Haley Most, a freshman said, “I am excited to support my friends who have worked so hard on the art pieces they have been making the whole year”.

All year long, Mrs. Furst has been assisting her students in the creative process, developing their abilities and pushing them to experiment with various mediums and methods. Every student has put their all into the artwork they have chosen, especially the youngest beginners who at first found it difficult to handle a brush to the seasoned seniors who have over the years established their styles.

Every piece of art that is on show has a distinct narrative that reflects the young artists’ imagination, development, and commitment. Family and friends can expect an exciting range of paintings, drawings, sculptures, and mixed-media works. All of which showcase the uniqueness and creative growth of Mrs. Furst’s students, who have all come a long way.

Isabella Rosina, a freshman said, “I am excited to show off my art pieces to my friends and family this Friday”.

The art show is not only an opportunity to celebrate artistic achievement. Also, a chance for the students to share their passion and hard work with the community as well

The occasion is expected to be an amazing exhibition of artistic ability and creativity. The days leading up to their opportunity to show their artwork to the public at the next event are being counted down by Mrs. Furst and all her students.

Mrs. Furst and her students are working hard to finish their artwork to get ready for this Friday, May 17, the art show. With just a few days to go, they want every item to be interesting and motivating. There is a lot of creative energy in the classroom, which is evidence of the great influence art education has on developing minds.

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