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Freshman Year was Unlike Anything else

After going through this process myself, I have some pointers and insights that will help you get the best out of your first year in high school.
Freshman Year was Unlike Anything else

Entering high school as a freshman can be an exhilarating, yet overwhelming experience. The shift from middle school to high school means facing novel difficulties, adventures, and openings.

You will observe that high school is quite different from middle school as one of the things that you will notice first. In middle school, the setting is more secluded and regimented. Unlike in high school, where there is much autonomy and accountability; in middle schools, you usually meet with the same group of students all day long while getting away with much from less strict teachers. Instead, high school has more independence and responsibilities. Each class will have different classmates, a lot of homework to be done, and higher teacher expectations for students than in middle schools. Even though it can be overwhelming to begin with, it also means that you have a greater chance to explore new subjects and activities.

But wait! High school changes everything because grades come into play here. You may not even know how vital they may be in shaping your future. Your high school transcript is scrutinized by colleges and good results may become scholarships or opportunities for you. Therefore, ensure that you are always alert about your tasks and seek assistance where necessary. It involves time management as well as good study habits—these two aspects are very important since they can help an individual achieve his/her goals or dreams within the shortest time possible hence minimizing the wastage of resources such as money on tuition fees paid at colleges/universities across the globe; this could only happen if one applies himself/herself consistently throughout their academic career.

Grades start to matter more when you move on to high school although this may not have crossed your mind yet regarding its impact on your future life prospects. Institutions of higher learning examine transcripts from secondary schools with good academic records leading to scholarships or other university prospects. Paying attention to deadline dates being able to ask for advice when needed and most importantly keeping an organized calendar was essential. Time management is crucial so create good learning behaviors that will assist in spending little time towards finishing tasks but rather creating enough space for leisure activities. Don’t hesitate to ask teachers to break down concepts or give you additional help—that’s why they are there.

You may feel like an outsider with others. It may seem like the older students are scary, but most of them are nice and ready to lend a helping hand even when you treat them with honor and indicate the right attitude. At first, one might be under the impression that they are being scrutinized or ignored, however, this feeling usually goes away as one settles into their position at school. It is vital to maintain self-assuredness and be receptive to fresh occurrences. You can associate with others from various classes by participating in clubs, games, and other events.

It is in high school that making friends becomes one of the most relevant aspects. My freshman year began at Atlantic Technical High School (ATHS), which allowed me to create friendships with a few of my peers and also relate perfectly with some educators. However, I felt like that was not my place entirely due to the unusual schedule. ATHS had a college-like schedule with only four classes per semester and the same classes every day starting at 7:05 AM, which didn’t suit me well.

In the middle of the year, I transferred to Coral Glades High School. This proved to be a wise choice as many of my former classmates were there. The block scheduling system used by Coral Glades was more appropriate for me because it involved two days when different subjects were taught so that I could enjoy what varied daily routines have left behind and this slackened paucity of variety and freshness in subject contents brought about by monotony became an essential part of it all. That’s why I could reconnect with old mates much faster because I met them again here right after we had separated from one another at the middle school level since we used to study together back then. It helped that there were familiar faces and went a long way towards smoothing our entry into this new learning environment characterized by many strange individuals among us who may have appeared hostile for some time until they turned out to be my best and closest friends now.

Looking back, I now understand that my growth was facilitated by the experiences and problems I went through during my first year. Transitioning from ATHS to Coral Glades taught me how to adapt myself and find what works best for me. The one thing I’d like to tell anyone starting high school is to be open-minded and willing to go beyond your boundaries. Don’t get upset if things don’t run as you expected initially because sometimes it takes a little experimentation.

To sum up, surviving the first year of high school calls for adapting to new surroundings, realizing the significance of your marks, interacting with fellow students in a positive manner, and locating your circle of acquaintances. Welcome the route ahead with open arms and an encouraging attitude. Remember everybody is trying to figure it out together in due course; sooner or later you will fit into high school and make an impact there too.

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