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Stepping Up!


Wow, can you believe it? Our seniors are leaving us, and we’re next in line…

A question that was asked was how seniors affected my life. Well to answer that, seniors have affected my life in a very positive way. To be specific, Saniya Nevaeh, and Keelee have all shown me what it’s like to have big sisters. Not only that, they’ve all provided me with guidance and support. Without them, I wouldn’t know what to expect stepping up into my senior year!

Although I am extremely proud of them and their accomplishments, I have lots of mixed emotions when it comes to them leaving. For instance, when I think about them graduating I feel sad about the departure but at the same time, I also feel very inspired to carry on lessons that I’ve learned from them. It is a bittersweet moment, but I am also looking forward to stepping into new roles and responsibilities.

As I prepared for the SAT, I was extremely overwhelmed knowing that this would judge my academic journey. Not only was I overwhelmed, but I was genuinely scared thinking I would not meet college requirements, and the pressure to achieve a high score caused me to gain lots of anxiety. Preparing for the SAT also was nerve-racking because I carried so much weight of expectations from my family, teachers, and even myself.

Despite these challenges, I used this period to grow. Not only academically, but physically, mentally, and emotionally! I learned to manage my time with school, and dance, and I developed strategies to help me while taking tests.

Walking into my senior year, I am preparing to take dual enrollment classes, apply to multiple scholarships, break out of my shell build bonds with more people, recommendation letters, and start college application essays!

As an upcoming senior, I am preparing myself to be more responsible with my work, and turning in assignments before the deadlines. I want to look into studying groups, practice tests, and improve my time management. While the preparation process is demanding, it also prepares me for the kind of self-discipline and resilience that I need. It will also benefit me not only in college but in adulthood.

Though summer is quickly approaching, it is a very bittersweet moment for me knowing that it is my last summer 🙁

I don’t have much planned, but I do want to get a job!! I’ve been looking forward to getting a job since the first week of junior year. As a junior, I feel a mix of excitement and nostalgia about the upcoming summer break, knowing it’s my last before senior year. It’s finally a time for me to take a breather from the stress of school, but also a moment for me to start setting goals for the future. I’d like to make the most of my last summer in high school, along with balancing relaxation with preparation for college applications.

In conclusion, there is a sense of urgency to create lasting memories with my friends, yet I also recognize the importance of using this time to get a head start on my next steps.

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DeAndra Gray
DeAndra Gray, Writer
  • Name: DeAndra Gray
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