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Does Everyone Really Think Sophomore Year is Underrated?


Sophomore year is a really important year of high school, many people think that your sophomore year isn’t something you should be worried about. But you’re wrong because colleges do look at all four years of high school, you want to give them something good to look at. You just can’t have any attitude the first two years, try to do things from now.

Sophomore year also determines what classes you will be taking the following year. You don’t want colleges to see that you’re still in tenth-grade reading or math in the eleventh grade and still haven’t passed the required tests to move on. Not only are you going to still be in those tenth-grade classes you will also have to take your eleventh-grade classes as well. And who wants to take more classes than they have this takes time away from other activities you can be doing.

Our sophomores are very underrated. We are treated like freshmen which isn’t ok because we have experienced the switch from middle school to high school. And we have this high school thing down packed. And I know it’s always that one group of sophomores that act like they need to go back to middle school but that’s not all of us. I think some sophomores act more maturely than some juniors. Although some may beg to differ it’s just the facts you can go ask any teacher and some would agree with me.

Sophomore year adds to the rest of your high school years not only by your grades but by your academic accomplishments. If you’re not already in some sort of sport or club, what are you waiting on? You only have two years left and you don’t want to cram everything in at once. You can only join so many clubs so if there’s a club you want to be a part of you should jump on that from now. This also goes for any sports you want to play. The seasons are only so long and there are only so many people allowed on the team. You need to also make sure that the club and the sport you’re joining don’t clash with each other affecting your attendance to both,  because you can be kicked off the team and you may not even get the recognition from the club you hoped for.

I wish I listened to my advice because I have been in no kind of clubs or sports. The one sport I did join I didn’t stay in until the actual season started which I regret. But this year I hope to be more active in school activities and be able to play flag football again because it was something I enjoyed. And I know that many colleges nowadays are giving scholarships for sports. I would like to get one and I think I can with hard work and dedication.

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