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How to Survive Your Freshman Year


Transitioning from middle school was personally a big change. It felt like stepping into a new world. I remember it vividly, I was clearly nervous about not wanting to get lost in the massive hallways and building and I was especially nervous about making new friends.


How Was Middle School Different from Highschool?


The difference was massive, for me it was the level of independence. While in the middle teachers were a little closer reminding us of our work and really pushing us to get it done. Highschool however, felt like a big leap toward responsibility and adulthood. Teachers expected us to manage our time, keep up with the 7 classes of assignments and seek help personally when help was ever needed. The campus itself was bigger, with more students and a wide variety of classes. This of course added to the initial overwhelming feeling but also brought freedom and a lot of new opportunities.


Grade Importance 


One of the most significant aspects of high school that hit me hard was the importance of grades. Unlike middle school where certain grades might not have had a long-term impact, high school grades are crucial. I was constantly reminded of how important your freshman year was towards your GPA which in turns determined what college you would want to get into and the different future opportunities you could possibly get. And with that came a whole course of different worries I had to keep in mind, the worry of my gpa and future continued to grow in the back of my mind. It wasn’t just about passing but excelling to open doors for scholarships and being able to freely go to the dream college I want. Balancing homework, tests, and extracurricular activities became a daily challenge, but it taught discipline and time management.


How Do You Get Treated By The Other Grades?


As a freshman I personally didn’t see a change that I thought I would. I made some senior and junior friends here and there and there wasn’t much of a difference in how they treated me. My appearance however, led to embarrassingly many misunderstandings oftentimes upperclassmen assuming i was older, adding a layer of awkwardness to the interaction. Once they realized I was a freshman, their reaction varied from surprise to mild amusement, on the many occasions that I was standing there and them eying me on how I could possibly be a freshman.(I don’t blame them, I often get confused with other people’s age too). Other than my embarrassing confession, my experience with my upperclassmen was an amazing experience. I felt welcomed and included. 


Finding My Group of Friends


Finding my group of friends was one of the most rewarding parts of my experience in my freshman year. Initially coming out of middle school I wanted that high school experience and to get that I needed to get out of my bubble and make some meaningful friendships. I joined a few clubs which helped me branch out and meet new people but the most memorable experience was this class especially. Where I met some of the best people and formed a close group of friends. Having supportive friends made the transition from middle school to high school all the more rewarding.


Surviving my freshman year was easier than I thought looking back. While my worries about college and grades are important, my main message is to have fun. It’s a year of growing and self discovery, embracing the challenges and seeking help when you need it. The message I kept in mind was that everyone is trying to find they’re way, just how I am.

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