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Zodiac Signs: Accurate or Ridiculous?

Oh my gosh, what’s your sign?
“Zodiac Sign Facts (to help you understand them better!). Rendezvous Magazine
“Zodiac Sign Facts (to help you understand them better!). Rendezvous Magazine

It’s entirely certain that you’ve been asked this question before. And no matter what you say, it always turns into a conversation about your compatibility with the person who posed the question. Aries are courageous and easily angered; Libras are dreamy and creative; Scorpios are passionate and competitive— the list goes on. 

For some, this is a spiritual way of life, a guide for the twists and turns of fate, relationships, and values. For others, it’s a nuisance; just another excuse to put people in boxes for unnecessary judgment and criticism.  

And though it may not be entirely based on logic, astrology provides for many what nothing else will, and that is a belief in the prediction and manipulation of fate. 

Horoscopes have become increasingly popular in recent years, with columns in local newspapers such as the Sun Sentinel detailing forecasts of the future for each star sign. Whether or not they are taken seriously is often skewed to the latter, but they are beginning to be accepted as normal in today’s society.  

“I think it’s really interesting that there’s a path drawn out for you to follow if you want to,” says Rylee Polich, a 9th grader at CGHS, and a Virgo. “Even though I’m not crazy about star signs, I think they’re cool.”  

However, for the rest who are still catching up to this trend, it may feel unnecessary and frivolous, even for Gen Z’ers who grow up around this atmosphere.  

“I mean, [zodiac signs] are okay,” says Moksha Patel, a freshman at MSD and a Pisces. “But you shouldn’t base your life on them. The fact that you were born on a specific day doesn’t really mean much. It’s more important to be your own person.” 

This idea that astrology is purely fantasy and has no effect on reality goes unchallenged by science. To this day, there is no proper evidence that the stars above on the day you were born affect your fate or personality. Nevertheless, this may change in a future where star signs are widely accepted as an accurate indicator of fate. 

Overall, though zodiacs lack scientific support, they are beginning to spread among modern pop culture. Say what you want about their make-believe origins, but it must be noted that they have had a significant impact in our social world. And, who knows— in the future, they might be proven right after all.

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