Thoughts on Senior Superlatives

Source: The Blackman Voice
Source: The Blackman Voice

Superlatives are a fun way to celebrate the uniqueness and achievements of each graduate class. They often bring back fond memories and add a sense of accomplishment to the end of high school years.

When implemented positively and inclusively, they can foster community and build a sense of brotherhood among students, even though some argue that they can lead to rivalry and hurt feelings. Ultimately, it depends on the culture and preferences of the kids and the school.

Superlatives provide an opportunity to celebrate the unique qualities and talents of every graduate class. From “Most likely to succeed” to “Best Smile,” these superlatives celebrate the diversity of senior class personalities and skills. They also provide a place for encouraging words as well as constructive criticism.

By receiving or being nominated, students can validate their hard work and achievements, which can boost their self-esteem and confidence.

People love to vote or choose receivers for a superlative, and they can’t wait to see who wins!

Senior superlatives provide an opportunity for high school seniors to participate in an exciting contest to be recognized for their fun and silly accomplishments.

High school seniors have a lot on their plate, from college applications to graduation and end-of-year finals. These superlatives provide a tangible reminder of the relationships formed and the accomplishments made during this crucial time in a student’s life.

Superlatives are often included in high school yearbooks or mentioned during senior ceremonies. It is a fun way for them to look back and see all the fun memories made from these awards.

“I enjoy seeing everyone get nominated and the whole class getting together to vote on each other. I think it is a great way to make memories and look back on your old class to relive those memories from high school. Sophia Herrera, senior.

Senior Superlatives usually take place at the end of your senior year of high school and overall students seem to always have fun voting and nominating their classmates for things like “Best Duo” or “Best Couple”.

Maven Lebron, a senior expresses, “I am so excited for my senior year next year as it is, and one of the things I am most excited about is the senior superlatives”.

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