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Should students be allowed to step out of class for important calls?


Have you ever been in class and got an important call? Whether it is from your parents or an important call you’ve been waiting on that came at a bad time. This has all happened to us at one point in our lives. This is why teachers should allow students to take those important calls.

First off, these calls shouldn’t last more than five minutes.

All students have to do when they get these calls is ask the teacher if they can step out quickly to take the call. Students shouldn’t be walking around campus on the phone but they can stand by the classroom door to have their conversation.

This shouldn’t be something that happens all the time however, we all have a personal life and things come up. How would you feel if someone had an emergency and needed to contact you but you were unable to answer them? Of course, these emergencies shouldn’t be happening in every class or every other class. That’s when teachers can then stop allowing students to step out of the class.

Maybe you have a teacher who wouldn’t allow you to step out to take the call. You can also just send a quick message to the person letting them know you’re in class and can’t answer the phone right, and that if they need to talk to you to call your school.

I asked one of my classmates what they thought about this idea and that’s what she had to say.

“I understand teachers not allowing students to take a phone call, but it can be an emergency and you wouldn’t know because you couldn’t take that one call. You may be wondering “If it’s an emergency, why not call the police?”, but at times you may need that one person. The police may not always help,” says DeAndra Gray, Junior.

Just like teachers, students should be allowed to have at least one emergency call, says Teja Rolle junior. Many times you see a teacher running out of the class to pick up an important call or stopping their lesson to answer a text.

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