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Does Therapy Really Work?

Therapy is a form of healing depending on what it’s for, therapy could be for several things that you, as a human being could be going through. People go to therapy for many things, like divorce, PTSD, the death of a loved one or close friend, depression, anxiety, and self-harm.

These things affect people a lot more than you realize and it gets even worse when there is nothing left to do, which begs the question, does therapy work?

A lot of people realize that therapy does not work for them, and they realize that it cannot help the situation that they are in.

Once people get to a point where they feel as if there is nothing left for them, they begin to just feel nothing, and a lot of the time many people do not realize that they just don’t feel because they have nothing to feel for them,

Many experts believe therapy works because it allows people to talk about their feelings and they say talking about it will help, but what if you talk about it and still feel the same, then what could you do next?

Kiara McDonald, senior, says “ Therapy works for those who want to talk to people, and for those who do not want to talk to people, they feel as if they can just do what they want with how they can come to terms with just dealing with their problems”.

Therapy working for the right people is a good thing because sitting down, and listening to another human being who is a “professional” just because they went to a class or went to school learning about people thinking they understand what human feelings are.

Human feelings change and develop every day so it’s easy to get confused about what people say and how they act because the human body and mind are so complex, that no one could ever understand what is going on with us unless they are there in our minds being present.

Makayla Joseph, senior says “I believe therapy works for everyone willing to commit themselves to it, willing to sacrifice their time and feelings in a sense to get better”.

So really it is about who it is and how they feel and if they are willing to do what they have to do. Or does therapy work?

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