Celebrating Teachers: Mrs. Spencer

In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, we decided to have some of our writers talk about the most influential teacher in their life. Teachers always deserve more credit than they get.
Source: Alvin Mei
Source: Alvin Mei

Ms. Spencer could be undoubtedly the coolest American Sign Language teacher there is. It’s like cracking a secret code when learning sign language with her. Never are her classes boring, she always has some trick up her sleeve that will make us either gasp or laugh our heads off in amazement. But what’s even more lovely about her is how patient she is.  Joshua Andrade, a sophomore said, “Mrs. Spencer is an outstanding teacher, she is patient with her students, and not only is she good at her job, she takes passion into teaching her students American Sign Language. She is very lenient with us, allows us to make up assignments, and doesn’t judge her students for personal issues nor problems with learning.” 

She smiles no matter how often we mess up a sign and is always ready to assist us until we get it right. In addition to this, the class is not just learning signs, she also teaches us about the deaf community, which opened our eyes to another world. Kalea Honda, a 10th grader said, “Mrs. Spencer is an amazing teacher and I have fun in her class all the time. I love learning about ASL because of her.”

Another reason why Ms. Spencer is exceptional is because she is so laid back and lenient. During study hall, we hang out in her room which acts as our sanctuary in the madness of high school. We gossip, do homework, and practice our signs together. Every A-day is an adventure with Mrs. Spencer and we are lucky to have her as our guide through life at this age!

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