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Mass groups of people have ripped down Hostage Posters around the world


Ever since the war broke out between Palestine and Israel, after a while, people have been caught trying to rip down posters of Palestinians that have been captured by hamas, the terrorist group harbored in Palestine.

This deliberate destruction not only denies the freedom of expression but also creates tensions in an already tension high state.

The posters, which often portray individuals that are being held in captivity, serve as a visual representation of the challenges faced by Palestinian communities. 

When ripping them down not only erases the narratives of those in them, but also takes out the opportunity for understanding. These actions hinder the potential for peaceful coexistence by suppressing the voices of those directly affected.

Senior Daniela Rubio explained, “People on both sides get affected by this. People doing the tearing risks making a whole nation look like bad people, people being teared means there’s nothing that says to look out for them.”

“Can’t spread awareness if you can’t see it. It’ll never help stop it if we keep this up.”

Beyond the immediate removal of these posters, the act itself sends a powerful message that may deepen the divides between these places. 

It’s crucial to realize the impact of such actions on both local and international look on things. 

Instead of making an environment that has mutual respect, tearing down these posters can escalate tensions and lessen efforts towards peaceful resolutions.

It is essential to encourage open conversations that promote understanding and empathy. 

Ripping down posters depicting captured Palestinians undermines the pursuit of a peaceful and just resolution to the long conflicts in the regions.

Jessica Garvey, a Junior says, “This war has been going on way longer than most of us. Why do people think it would help stop it by doing this? No idea. I just hope we can all learn more about everything  in this situation sooner than later.”

 By recognizing the significance of free expression and embracing dialogue, we can work towards making an atmosphere that values the rights and perspectives of all individuals involved.

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