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Killer Mike Arrested at Grammys 2024


During the 2024 grammys, Killer Mike or Micheal Render was arrested moments after receiving his third grammy. Although details are unknown and vague, the Los Angeles Police Department has shared further details with the public.

They mentioned how he was arrested for physical allegations with a man backstage during the grammys. Micheal told other reporters how it wasn’t an issue and how it shouldn’t ruin his biggest night in two decades.

In 2003, Michael was given his last grammy and was very pleased with himself and couldn’t stand to let anything or anyone get in his way. At 8:37 PM, Michael was released out of prison and is currently on hold for his trial in court.

Michael reported how he spent his last nights prior to the grammys celebrating claiming to carry “the big gold” with one priority which was to have a good time. However, these moments didn’t last for long and his fate is up for debate till his trial.

He was brushing off the issue as a minor inconvenience or “a speed bump” in the grand scheme of things. It was his night and nothing in his mind could’ve gone wrong.

The public has this to say over the situation of Killer Mike’s arrest during the grammys.

“It really is a shame. When I hear about stuff like what happened with Killer Mike at the Grammys, it’s always disappointing to hear. It really goes to show that just because you’re a famous and talented celebrity, it doesn’t make you perfect.” Sebastian Zapata, a junior, says.

Brianna Jackle, a senior, said this towards Killer Mike and others like him. “I feel like the media always makes things seem worse than they are. From what I’ve read, Mike was just standing up for himself and had consequences to go with it. I don’t know to be honest. I hope it goes well but unfortunately lots of people are getting locked up for stupid mistakes nowadays. Oh then it depends on the situation. Sometimes the person truly is guilty and deserves to be locked up but most of the time it’s just misunderstandings or false accusations that go too far.”

Many people in the modern day seemed to be leaving by force or on their own accord. People like Killer Mike may be innocent or guilty but in the end, it’s up to fate to see the outcome. There is one question on people’s minds: Will this be the end of an era for all?

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