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Entertainment Industry on Strike!
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The writers demand higher pay!!!

The time has finally come. The writers and actors decided to take a stand and demand a higher salary. 

Throughout the years the writers have been working hard on providing entertainment, only to get paid unfairly.

In the May of 2023, a strike finally broke out. Many writers, actors, and supporters were brought together to picket in front of major production company buildings. 

This sudden strike also put a pause on many productions of well-anticipated movies and TV shows, making many TV fans gain support for the issue.

What do today’s average high schoolers think?

 “Without the writers, they would be nothing.” Says Aliyah Vasquez, a senior at Coral Glades High School.

 Many high schoolers from this school were interviewed on this topic and most of them were in support of it. 

“The production companies are pretty selfish… Writers deserve higher pay,” says Edward Marcisak, sophomore,

As the strike went on, writers and actors stopped promoting their work on social media. 

The social media strike!

This means, that while the strike goes on, they will not be able to post at all about their upcoming television series or movie that they’ve been working so hard on. You should be able to understand how upsetting this might be to those who put so much effort into their projects.

On Thursday, August 17th, the WGA Writers Guild met with AMPTP for the 3rd time that week to discuss a deal that could be made. Unfortunately, this deal was never effectively made and the strike continued to go on. “That’s so unfair.” Edward Marcisak, a sophomore, chimes in once again after hearing about this news. 

The writers still have hope!

Yesterday, September 4th, and Labor Day, the Writers Guild released a video. “We have never been the companies’ enemies; we are not their enemies now. We are their creative partners, first and foremost. That is our goal: to win a fair deal, and to be that again.” Says Chris Keyser, WGA Negotiating Committee co-chair.

It has been made abundantly clear that these writers aren’t in it because they are greedy, but because they deserve to be paid equally.

Chris Keyser thanks all of the supporters who are currently helping them achieve their goal and is very determined to achieve it very soon. 

Could AI replace writers?

It has been about 4 months since this strike started and they have not given up hope. Even though some production companies were planning to replace them with AI technology. AI technology has started to become powerful in recent years so to replace the writers with the technology of course seemed like an amazing idea. This idea has multiple flaws though. 

AI can only go so far.. and in terms of creating scripts that are entertaining and genuine, it probably would not be possible.

Even if the AI was able to create those scripts, actors are also on strike. 

Without actors (voice actors included), it would be impossible to create and produce anything.

 To answer the question, no AI will not be able to replace writers under any circumstances.

Without the writers and the actors, they cannot produce. If they can’t produce, they don’t make money. This can eventually lead to the companies finally caving in and paying the writers the fair amount that they deserve.

To sum it all up.

Writers should not be working only to be paid little to none. 

Writers should be equal with their companies. The overall goal is to come to a universal agreement allowing the writers and producers to become the creative partners they should be and to make a deal that is fair to everyone involved.


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