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Phones at Coral Glades High


The phone policy in the class at Coral Glades High School

The phone policy at Coral Glades, let’s get some opinions!!

The phone is a distraction if you are doing something like an assignment or when the teacher is explaining the class, but not always in each class you have to put your phone in your pocket.

Phones can disrupt the learning environment, and many times are safer because we can prevent bullying on social media, but at the same time, the students feel better having their phones on their own to be able to communicate with their parents.

In many schools, there is a space to store cell phones but not all students hand them in.

Let’s see some interviews with some students of the class about what they think about the policy phones.

Maria Vega, Senior, thinks the phone should to used at the right times, for example, if we are in a class and the teacher is explaining something you shouldn’t be on the phone but sometimes is necessary if we have to do a research and we doesn’t have the computer, or if we have free moments, and we already did all ours assignments, we can use the phone.

King Thompson, a Sophomore, does not agree with the use of the phone in class. I don’t like the phone for school. In class, I never use the phone because it is a distraction, and I can’t learn and concentrate much.

In actuality the problems people who use a lot of cell phones are affecting them, excessive smartphone use may cause addiction among individuals, which might negatively impact humans. Furthermore, smartphone addiction can lead to depression, stress, anxiety, and lack of social interaction in different people. Besides, extreme use of the smartphone can waste time and be irresponsible at school.

Everything always has a positive part, If your child is a little older and has some independence, having their phone to contact friends about after-school plans, and letting them know of any last-minute changes, delays, or exact meeting points are all major benefits to having a cell at school, and also the phone work for do research in class or some emergency

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